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Sarah Haskins' strong sense of family leads her home

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One of our favorite St. Louis Olympians is back in town. Triathlete Sarah Haskins is stepping back from competition this year for good reason: she and husband Nate Kortuem are expecting their first child in July.

Belated congrats to the Parkway South grad, on the new addition and so much more. Sarah seems pretty happy to sport her round physique on twitter and to share her domestic comings and goings. Check out the latest photos from a Storage Wars homage going on at her father's business, Haskins Storage. It's kind of a hoot.

Sarah always struck me as even keel. She was deep-down proud to be one of only three U.S. women competing in triathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing, and her 11th-place finish was encouraging. She really showed her class last year, when she barely missed qualifying for London. She entered non-drafting eligible events and blew away the competition  by finishing first in four consecutive Toyota Cup races.

Here's an example of steady Sarah from her blog:

Looking back over my 2012 season, I had many highs with one notable “low”.  Looking back, I don’t really see my “low” (missing the Olympic Trials with my 8th place finish in the WCS San Diego) as a failure.  Although I fell short of my goal in missing the Olympic Team, that race was the hardest I pushed myself all season.  Knowing how hard I pushed both mentally and physically in that race, in the preparation leading up to the race and in the race itself, I can’t consider it a failure or a “low”.  I simply did not accomplish the number one specific goal, but that does not mean other goals were not accomplished.  Of all my races this season, I am the most proud of my performance in that race.  I left nothing out on the race and attacked that race 100%.  Yes, I may have made a couple of tactical errors, but so many aspects of that race were positive.  I did not start on the line in London, but I had the opportunity to race at home on US soil in the non draft format.  My strength is in the non draft racing and I was able to have one of my most successful seasons ever, with eight wins.  A triathlon race is never easy, it’s not supposed to be, but expecting the most out of myself race after race is one of the toughest parts.  I fully appreciate each and every one of my wins this season.
 Sarah's home now. Her added girth gives her time to devote to coaching and clinics. She's sharing her hard-earned knowledge is a pair of open-water swim clinics here. Check out the details here.

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